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Space Travel Began With the Lie that Ended It

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

That canned statement for the first man to land on the moon is the epitaph for manned space travel.

People are always pointing out that the Chinese came very close to reaching Europe. before Europe got to China. People are always pointing out that the Chinese came up with our most revolutionary inventions earlier than we did.

What China saw as Wisdom was Confucius pontificating under a tree while children passed out from hunger within sight of him.

One historian points out that Europeans fished on the American shore and set up Old Norse villages in Canada LONG before Columbus. He said “Europe didn’t colonize American then because it didn’t NEED America then. China did not come close to going to Europe, not because of technology but because it didn’t WANT to.

China traded with Europe through White India.

Once you get on Capitol Hill you see how hopeless the space program is.

All money bills must originate in the House. It is the subcommittee chairman and the ranking Republican who had a veto over programs they really didn’t like. In the House, NASA expenditures came under a subcommittee called HUD- Independent Agencies.

NASA was one of those independent agencies.

Every year the chairman and a ranking member agree that their constituencies, invariably inner city constituencies in both cases, need those tens or hundreds of billions controlled by HUD, and they are there to help hand it out.

In the middle of THAT, how much do you think they want to send to Mars?

I saved the space telescope, but, there is no Bob Whitaker up there now.

Space travel is the epitome of the Aryan Ideal.

Mankind doesn’t want it.