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Hire Our Own

When Linda Evans announced that she would get no more parts because she was an outspoken conservative, National Review charged in to defend Hollywood against any charges of discrimination. Nobody gets more excited defending the left than respectable conservatives do.

The fact is that a Marxist MUST hire only his own kind. Lenin never had to do a day’s work. Revolution was a full-time job, and revolutionaries were REQUIRED to marry for money when the Party needed it.

It is amazing what little even those who talk about “a Marxist analysis” know about Marxism.

Marxism states as it first principle that EVERYTHING is political. Any power you have is to be used to advance the Party.

Hiring entirely by merit has the same place in the moral scheme of a Marxist as performing abortions does in the moral scheme of a conservative Catholic.

Carleton Putnam was the founder of Delta Airlines. If we had been Marxists, he would have given my aviation negotiations career a huge boost, since he knew I had been on our side of saving our race for decades.

The side that takes its politics seriously wins.

In fact, I believe that my being in his industry would be a factor against giving me any recommendation, so he could prove to himself he was impartial.

In almost every industry you are not allowed to use company money to push a political cause. Yet all through the years I have heard leftists announce that they were careful to put a “social message” into their work.

Obviously my question was, “Why the hell would I want to go an entertainment which is political?”

That was before I understood Marxist morality. One who says that wants the other Marxists to know he is doing his part.

They probably smile when they see National Review kissing liberal ass on their obvious political hiring.

But for once I think the leftist morality is the correct one. If one side hires for their side and the other side brags about screwing its political comrades, there is almost no way, in the long run, that the group that thinks politics is a game can possibly win.