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Marxism and Holy Self Hatred

One of the keys to modern history has been that Marxism has a grade of A quadruple plus on getting into power, but the system itself is just plain silly.

As a political professional, I am mesmerized by the expert work that goes into putting Marxists into power.

Today Marxist thought rules the entire political landscape, but most of the people who are doing it have no idea that they are Marxists.

This gives me some possible insights into history one simply cannot have unless he sees Political Correctness, which is a term no one but Marxists used until the seventies — in the 60s they knew it was Marxist — is a religion.

It is not by accident that I keep bringing the degenerate Zoroastrianism of St. Paul’s time into my overview.

First, remember that by the time of Christ Zoroastrianism was well over thousand years old and I am talking about a DEGENERATE FORM of Zoroastrianism. Z was a healthy religion which allowed only Aryans to join it — just as one had to swear one was of “pure Hellenic blood” to be in the real Olympics of the time.

There was absolutely nothing in old Zoroastrianism, or for that matter in old Judaism, to have made Paul such a fanatical enemy of women.

It goes carefully unnoticed in theology schools that that screaming opposition to marriage and children had nothing whatever to do with anything Jesus said or, excepting Eve, the Old Testament contained.

The demand for sterility began with total abruptness with St. Paul.

The four Gospels were carefully chosen when Constantine, whom the bishops referred to as the bishop of bishops though he had never even been baptized, held a council for that purpose.

Before the fourth century there were many, quite possibly hundreds, of Gospels, each of which was recognized by a segment of Christianity as THE Gospel.

You can almost date a rejected Gospel, like the Gospel of Judas, by how much of the Death Religion, the hate women verbiage, that it has in it. That is fascinating to me, since I make not the slightest claim to special Biblical knowledge beyond my Bible Belt upbringing. But I can date a “false” Gospel better than any scholar who does not know this simple rule.

This understanding of how the “intellectual” ideas of degenerate intellectuals in Persia took over a large part of the Christian theology in much the same way that Marxist “intellectualism” is an integral part of the thought of those who were once genuine liberals.

In fact Mani, who claimed to synthesize Christianity and Zoroastrianism, the two main religions of his time, preached what we call Manichaeism, which is total death religion dedicated entirely to the Death Religion. It is so extreme that it was denounced by Trappist monks as a heresy.

And in this synthesis of Christianity and Zoroastrianism, there is not a hint of any connection with Christ or Zoroaster.

But that self-hatred is the main force in destroying our race.