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Jesus and Zoroaster were Loyal to Their Own People

At the basis of the successful campaign to genocide whites is the self-hatred that has become part of our “Christian” heritage.

White people now see denouncing white people as a form of charity, and real, gut hatred of our very existence is seen as a selfless moral act of the highest nature.

Which is particularly odd, since both Jesus and Zoroaster were very loyal members of what each saw as his race.

If you are a regular reader here, you know that Judaism became monotheistic after extensive dealings with Persians described, and a lot implied, in the Old Testament. The Persians had already been monotheistic for six hundred years by then, and when they invaded Greece, they burned its “pagan” temples exactly as Christians would do later.

But those who claim to be Christian refuse to face the fact that Jesus would not have blessed the Wedding at Cana, much less performed his first miracle there, if it had involved a Jew marrying a gentile.

There are numerous examples. A man who asked Jesus whether he should be afraid was answered, “Are you not a son of Moses (and other Jews)?” When he announced the end of the world, he told his disciples to go to no Samaritans or others with the news, but to hasten it to the Jews ONLY.

Zoroaster banned any but Aryans from being saved by Ahura Mazda.

Aryan is the name Indians use for their white ancestors, but it is the basis of the word “Iran” and of the word “Erin” for Ireland.

The original Olympic Oath includes swearing that one is of “pure Hellenic blood” and you had to have pure Aryan blood to join the established Iranian faith for the two thousand years before Islam conquered Iran, so theologians can yell themselves purple, but the fact is that both Jesus and Zoroaster were NOT talking about “culture,” but BLOOD.

In both the Old and the New Testaments, Zoroastrians are praised. It is the ONLY non-Jewish religion praised in the Old Testament, and priests of that faith accepted Christ thirty years before the Jews rejected him.

The other Jehovan faith, Islam, also accepts Zoroastrianism as the ONLY faith to be tolerated in Muslim lands outside of Christianity and Judaism.

At the time of the Council of Nicaea and the selection of our four canonical Gospels, the only national religion of a major Empire outside of Rome was Rome’s next-door rival Iran. I cannot see how anybody can understand what was done at that Council if he does not know that the Council was looking over its shoulder the entire time.

Here was the new official religion of the Roman Empire being formulated right beside a thousand-year-old established monotheistic religion of the only other vast united empire they recognized.

I am not preaching. I am talking about history.


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