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Hitler and Jews, Anti-Whites and Whites

What exactly IS the difference between the way Hitler spoke of Jews and the way so-called “anti-racists” speak of whites?

Like Hitler’s Jews, whites are the source of every major evil the world has seen. Like Goebbels’s Jews, whites are UNIQUELY evil. One anti-white on OV in Stormfront was going on about the unique and soul-deep evil in white people.

I mentioned that whites had never done anything BAD that others hadn’t done. The only things whites had done that were unique were GOOD things, like ending smallpox and starvation. What this guy was talking about every race had done, and the only difference was that whites had more power to do good or evil.

This guy expressed his doubts about that, which gave me the exact opening for my KO punch.

The only alternative to whites doing nothing unique in the Evil Department, I pointed out, was to say that whites are evil by BLOOD. His whole cesspool full of crap about all races being genetically the same and race being a myth collapsed when he said he doubted my simple point.

That was when absolutely nobody on our side would EVER have hit him with that point. They would be tailgating his arguments, trying to prove that other races were worse.

In the Swarm, one of our commenters gave me a wonderful point. When someone says that all races have good people and bad people, he said we should ask how many good people a race must have to protect it from genocide.

That is a perfect Whitakerism.

But no one seemed to notice that but Whitaker.

DO NOT TAILGATE. Their own argument always has its own destruction in it.