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The Genocide Conference

White Rabbit and I each have a two-hour “workshop” at the Genocide Conference. Derek made it clear to me that he had had a time understanding the use of the Mantra, and, rather than making speeches, it will be my and WR’s job to introduce the concept in depth.

This shows a lot of humility on Derek’s part. It also shows that he understands the difficulties here better than I do. That is essential. My whole life has been spent getting messages across.

Derek has something I do NOT have: experience in coming at the Mantra from the OUTSIDE. I tell you as an expert that this is crucial.

Anyone like me who spends years works up an approach that works is just in Step One. Step Two is getting others to really see it way you do, but for you it seems obvious after those years.

Derek and the White Rabbit have experience coming in from a direction that absolutely critical for Step Two.

It’s sort of like the old statement that a writer should not do all the editing on his own book. True, at this point Bob may know more about the Mantra than anyone else, though your comments in the Swarm sometimes give me very happy doubt on that point.

It is also true that nobody in the world knows nearly as much about an author’s just-finished manuscript than the author does. But none of that is a substitute for a good going-over by a good editor, especially one who knows your audience well.

If it doesn’t show disrespect, I will be wearing a White Rabbit shirt in East Tennessee rather than a coat and tie.

I am now all about the Dereks and WR’s and Lord Nelsons who are coming in and demonstrating their excellence.