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I went to Derek Black’s Convention, and saw Derek Black, White Rabbit and Truck Roy take up our whole Mantra approach so and let me just listen to them as they dealt with introducing the concept.

I wanted to try to describe it.

So what did I run into when I got back?

Commenters were here singing he DUHH! Chorus.

Gee, you were telling each other, what about this “race is a myth business.”

In all these years, we have finally got two whole intellectual steps:

1) You don’t defend against racism, you tell the simple truth that they are engaged in WHITE GENOCIDE.

2) They begin their standard condemnation of the white race.

You point out that they are defending genocide.

I gave you those.

3) Now they use the old race does not exist stuff. And immediately you start tailgating them again, trying to get your racial theory, the one we’ve spent decades being defeated using, to COUNTER their argument.

COUNTER, dumbos, means going on the defensive.

Meanwhile, you have entirely forgotten what it has taken me twelve years to drum in on points 1) and 2).

What is a person who says race does not exist or race is a social construct saying about WHITE GENOCIDE?

He is saying that genocide is IMPOSSIBLE.

Please, please stop thinking in terms of impressing those dolts.

Please, please, please stop tailgating on every old piece of crap they bring up.

Think in terms of OUR statement. You tailgate on whatever next piece of crap they throw out, so you try to pull out all the old stuff on race. And I come back yet again to see you rear ending, and destroying your own tiny vehicle

Attacks on the white race, IN MANTRA TERMS, is simply JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE.

This social construct crap says that genocide is IMPOSSIBLE.

Get off the respectable conservative defensive and get your mind on GENOCIDE

I near passed out at that convention and White Rabbit had to take care of me.

I am wearing out gang. Some of you have got to be able to think white genocide and drop the DUHH! Chorus.

You have GOT to learn all by yourselves what White Rabbit and Truck Roy have learned to do: Take Mantra Thinking and run with it.

The anti-whites’ old crap in Mantra terms is saying genocide is impossible

Please, gang, PLEASE learn this mental discipline.

I spent over a decade in Stormfront and my four thousand articles slowly beginning to get people who could take on the Mantra approach.

I haven’t GOT another ten years to spoonfeed it at every step.