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I apologize for yesterday’s outburst.

You remember the guy in the Godfather, the one who held the meeting in Cuba and talked about he wished he would be there to see the future. Michael Corleone, “He’s been dying of the same heart condition for thirty years.”

And sure enough, years later the only way to get the old man dead was for Corleone to get him shot.

The point of that fit was worth remembering, though: Someone who comes back at you withh this old “There is no race” crap, which was standard when I got into grammar school, is saying “There is no race so genocide is impossible.”

I am embarrassed about dropping this old man bit on you. Just let me try to get off the self-pity.

By the way, every bit of the version of the “There is no race” doctrine that was absolutely enforced when I entered grammar school has been absolutely, totally discredited.

So don’t let the new nonsense bother you.

One advantage of having an old codger like me around is that I’ve seen this all before.