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The BUGSER Point of the Convention

I don’t think anybody but BUGSERS will understand the unique, important point for me of the Tennessee Conference.

I only realized it today.

There were the Big Guy Speeches until hour 4:00.

After all those speeches by orators and Leaders and orators they all knew, here was tired old Bob who hadn’t even packed the right clothes. My speech was very short and totally below the oratory of my predecessors.

I had the Ultimate Hole Card.

I talked about how Derek had USED our approach successfully, then I dropped the whole thing into White Rabbit’s and Truck Roy’s laps. I sat to the side and came in when they wanted me a few times, but finally they had the dialogue going strong and they are used to working together.

As I say, after what amounted to hours of Leadership, the audience was a bit confused by the three of us up there in alternation, openly talking to each other about what to do next, away from the microphone.

Derek Black, the young organizer who has already pushed his way onto the State Republican Committee, has, as I have said here before, “tried all the brands” and discovered that of all the brands, the Mantra Attack does the job.

You only really learn that, I think, when you get in there and mix it up. Derek did.

Derek told me that White Rabbit really wowed ‘em. They were exhausted and a lot of them visibly nodding when we got on, but Derek said they really sat up as White Rabbit took over.

Please don’t give me any modesty crap about this, White Rabbit. This is important, and we are not playing dueling egos here.

It was, in fact, the only team act at the Conference.

Please note the above sentence.

No one who is new to our whole approach and was there listening to Leadership Speeches really GOT this monumental point.

I didn’t get it until I blew my top right back from the conference and rested up.

The speeches will be on the Internet, though I understand that no video recording was permitted

But if you listen to my short piece, it was pointing to my reason for being there, called there by Derek who saw my stuff worked, and two young men who were making it work.

White Rabbit sold one hell of a lot of tee shirts to the tiny audience, and if I were there for my ego I would have shot the man. People talked to him, and when they talked to me more than half of it was about him.