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Revolution Means Seeing Silly

It is amazing how the convention changed when we came on at four Each speaker before us was a name the audience knew well. Each had a complete explanation of what was wrong that he had given hundreds of times before. Then we came on.

All the speeches had been excellent before us.

But Derek had given me the impression that this convention was aimed at a new approach leaning heavily on the Mantra, at least as an excellent tactic. By four in the afternoon we were nearing the end of the whole thing and everybody was tired.

The presentation of our whole approach BEGAN, and I had to introduce it. Six or seven hours of the great oratory that we had heard at conventions annually for fifteen years was the WORST POSSIBLE introduction. And the audience was exhausted.

Sam Dickson was the only one even vaguely along our lines. But even he had announced “white nationalism” as the solution.

The premise set was that when the world adopts our complete world view and reads books on it, we will march up and impose a particular program. I am sure the Communists had similar speeches before they took power.

So when three relatively unknowns came up and began to talk about how we would get Started on overthrowing the entrenched mentality, and I had to get it started, a sane man would have just given up.

Which is exactly why you have me. It took Derek and Truck Roy YEARS to “get” the Mantra. Talking about a basic political strategy for the first step is hopeless for almost all of the audience. This kind of thing is hard to talk about to professional politicians.

I do not want to specify a solution to white genocide, because that comes after we have made people DISCUSS white genocide. As White Rabbit explained at length, the Soviet Union was assumed to be a forever thing, even in neoconservative-oriented Science Fiction books.

But once the questioning began, the whole Soviet Empire collapsed. Not one Sovietologist had an inkling of what was coming. They did not see the system as SILLY.

But to introduce THAT realism after a whole day of torch lighter speeches seemed hopeless.

The crowd was deeply impressed by the front line experience that Derek, Truck Roy and White Rabbit related, but there is no way they get it.

Once they begin to get it, the system is on its way down. One thing I see is that the anti-whites are SILLY.