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Mental Masturbation

Somebody sent me some comments and asked what I thought of them.

I said, “They look like mental masturbation to me.”

But it honestly made me nostalgic.

It’s only been a few years since OUR comments consisted of “This ‘anti-racist’” term is not the right one. Or “It puts us on a level with blacks” or “This term anti-racist will backfire.”

We spent years when the only comments contribution was theorizing about the wording of the Mantra or new Grand Schemes for taking over the world.

I developed the Mantra by USE, and when you got out there and USED it I was surprised at how little you changed it.

We have damned near lost our race to sitting around in such mental masturbation and Grand Plans. And Exposing Plots.

We don’t theorize about whether a line works. We get out there and SEE if it works.

We don’t give the Wise Man Warning, “It might backfire.”

We REPORT if it backfires to the rest of us, who are out there working instead of theorizing, and that group then deals with the problem in Swarm.

These people must be new here, and they are more than welcome to stay and see what BUGS is all about.