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A Commenter Gets the Mantra into a NEWSPAPER!

This is a real REPORT!

I cannot imagine one of the country’s chains of newspapers allowing he Mantra in PRINT.

In my day the local newspaper was local. You had anti-whites on the Boston Globe and segregationists running the Columbia, SC, State Newspaper.

But they were taken over entirely and coast to coast by syndicates.

Liberal syndicates.

If local oil stations were being taken over in one fell swoop by Oil Syndicates, the media would frontline it.

Oddly enough this takeover of every single major local paper got not a word of criticism or suspicion anywhere inside the press.

Our commenter is justly proud of getting the Mantra into PRINT, though that breakthrough will not sound quite as impressive to the Internet generation.

It’s just one of those little steps for us that only a pro may really appreciate.