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Short One

Ass — What you ride on.

Ass (2) — One who often puts his backside on a donkey.


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Like a Thief in the Night

One of the great points White Rabbit made at the convention was about the fall of the Soviet Union.

It is hard for the present generation to understand how totally unexpected it was. The whole Soviet Empire simply dissolved.


Because it didn’t work and people over there were sick of it.

First of all, no one here expected the USSR to fall at all.


Second, and more important, the fall of the USSR would only be achieved by nuclear confrontation or repeated bloody uprisings.

Absolutely no one who got paid for commenting on the subject even imagined that the whole things would simply fold up and go the way it did.

The only vision of Soviet Collapse at least involved the good old Torchlight Parades everybody seems so addicted to.

In the end, if weapons had to be singled out in the Soviet fall, it was not nuclear weapons, but Fax machines.

As I say, this is NOT something Modern American and European educators want to talk about. It is hard for someone who was not politically aware in the 1970s to remember, so I was surprised White Rabbit described it so vividly.

So White Rabbit applies the same reality to our present case, where precious few have any idea how the system actually works.

The present system, as everybody knows, is simply quibbling and putting off the disaster.

All the quibbling fills up the media, but it doesn’t affect the reality.