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Short One

Jewish — Something that is greenish is a little green, something that is bluish if a little bit blue.

So I dont understand how an Orthodox rabbi can be Jewish.



BUGS Is NOT For Everybody

There has been a great emphasis lately on increasing our Swarm numbers.

When you get a big emphasis, you always have a threat to discipline.

One person — who knows better — said that BUGS should be open to anybody who is the least bit pro-white.

That is the attitude on the part of its enemies that allowed the Roman Legion to conquer and hold its empire.

Everyone who was a Briton came to fight against the Roman invaders.

Now try to imagine someone telling the Romans, “Anybody who is loyal to Rome should be a legionnaire.”

No way, Jose!

In fact, the whole superiority of the Roman Army was based the exact opposite proposition. Anyone who was pro-Roman couldn’t just wander out and yell and charge.

The result was that the Romans were always outnumbered and the Romans always won.

There are many places for pro-whites, so we deny them nothing by closing our little group to anyone who is not obsessive and finicky in exactly the same way the Roman Legions were. There are plenty of places for someone to attack Jewish Bankers or to exchange profound theories with others who think the same way they do.

But in the field, dealing with anti-whites, we want no amateur, independent thinking heroes among us.

“In Rome, each battle was fought first on the Field of Mars, and the Field of Mars was real battle.”

The Field of Mars was the Roman PRACTICE field, where every centurion was obsessive and not a single amateur was trained.



Short One

The Indians say white men speak with forked tongue.

Which, when you think about it, is quite a trick.


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Short One

Stockholm Syndrome — When toadying to bullies becomes sincere.



BUGS and Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is pointless if we are not speaking the same language.

The classic example of freedom of speech is a bad one. It says you have a right to free speech but you do not have the right to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

This is a bad example because of a point that never seems to occur to anyone who repeats this particular drivel:

What if the theater really IS on fire?

We push the Mantra because no one ANSWERS our Question.

They call us Nazis and outlaw the question.

Someone who wants to repeat something they can repeat anywhere and are ENCOURAGED to repeat everywhere is not talking about free speech. He HAS free speech.

We repeat the Mantra because we should have free speech too.

BUGS is not for the repetition of stuff anyone can say anywhere and that we have answered all our lives.

You can only demand the right to scream “Fire!” if there really IS a fire.

The Mantra is legitimate point that one is not ALLOWED to make. This does not obligate us to let every raving anti-white repeat at length the same thing he is not only allowed, but encouraged, to say elsewhere.