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Coaching, not Puppeteering

I denounced the use of “politically incorrect.” I wrote other articles using the term.

But I denounced it because it was substituted, and substituted HERE, for anti-white. Someone bragged about a Canadian Homeowners’ Association because it was politically incorrect.

I beg to be corrected, but I am willing to bet that they would go NUTS if someone called them “Pro-white.”

We are not here protecting Property Rights or borders. Those who shout about these things are the best friends anti-whites have. Nobody screams integration as loud as the Militia Groups.

Even Eric Fromme happily announced that the Netherlands had renounced multiculturalism and was now going all out for integration.

I do not know whether they were using wry humor to waste our time or what, but some people asked if we were still ALLOWED to talk about our established religion of PC.

This is the sort of thing one expects in SF.

If you are ON THE LINE, you will learn what to use when.

A If you watch a football game, you don’t see strings hanging down on the players from above. Coaching is no substitute for being right in the game itself.

Please look at my advice in CONTEXT.



BUGS and Van Helsing

As usual, a few critical words say it all:

“ I keep thinking about how important BUGS is. I used to get frustrated with all the keyboard commandos we have on the net (SF) who will not engage in the real world. But you BUGSters are just Heroic. What we are doing seems extremely important, maybe it will change the world. I have loads of Hate mail / threats in my inbox from BUGsing, that tells me I am getting somewhere and displays the EVIL we are up against – their nastiness helps to keep me motivated, “

That is the critical story, all in one paragraph.


After quoting that statement on, Genseric made another of his own in the Swarm:

“There is a distinct possibility that many pro-whites will be on message in Duluth on March 3. Apparently, the media caught a whiff of the Mantra after their lazy reporter mistakenly pumped BUGS on television. They say they will be boycotting the ‘White Supremacist’ event. It seems they don’t want to risk letting the Mantra go mainstream.”

That is a classical example of Listening to the Silence. People who write on public matters for a living are sleazes, including the one who whorehoused for respectable conservatives years ago name Bob Whitaker, but they get ahead because they know exactly what the power of words is.

No one on our side sees what we are doing, but professional respectables and leftists cow away from it the way a vampire does before a crucifix.

They instinctively throw a body-block on anything that hints of ONLY white countries and ALL white countries. That is worldview they cannot let an air of breath for.

But no one else will DO it. They want to spend their time getting credit for Knowing All About Evil.

You can lecture a vampire all day long, but at night he is still effective.

You have to go for him in his lair and nail him down.



Militant Idiots

Gavin used the term “militant idiots.”

In the real, one to one battle between us and evil, people who love to hate their own people and glory in it, terms like “militant idiots” are INFINITELY more important than any pamphlet you can write that proves to the world that you are a Genius.

William Buckley hated my guts. Bill Rusher, who had been with him for decades, told me so.

Two of his brothers hated me, too.

Because what I said hit HOME.

I did not criticize his use of “untranslated French.”

I called it “The Miss Piggy Complex.”

He HATED that!

An article in Arizona that was infuriated at the Mantra being posted up IN A MEN’S ROOM was sent to me as a challenge.

I replied, “Maybe next time your Thought Police can keep your toilets free of Heresy.”

I NEVER get a reply.

How can I make this point?

Don’t reply with something that will show the world What You Know.

Your reply should be calculated to hit home.

William Buckley was a pathetic attempt to be a snob.

So I called him Miss Piggy, which was perfectly accurate.

“Militant Idiots,” militant ignorance, Thought Police, Miss Piggy Complex. These hit home and they HURT, because everybody knows they are TRUE..

These represent the short sword. They go for the gut.

It took years of practice on the Field of Mars to develop the short sword.

There was little glory in finding a new short sword thrust.

My experience tells me that there is more POWER in boiling the enemy’s ego down to its basics, to coming out with a phrase like “Miss Piggy Complex, ” than there is to any pamphlet telling the world how sophisticated you are.

Classical history is full of the names of Authors who wrote Great Writings.

But History does not even mention, nor does it KNOW, the names of the people who developed each short sword thrust that ruled the world in the time all the glorious tracts were written.

At the top, they were TERRIFIED of me.

Bill Rusher never understood exactly why they were scared of ME in a way the liberals never SCARED them.

This is serious, this is LITERAL: Find what HURTS.

It takes time, it takes effort.

And no one will ever give you credit for it.



Politically Incorrect is Just as Anti-white as Politically Correct

All too regularly a commenter will say how politically incorrect a group is. This means NOTHING. PLEASE stop doing that!

The Reverend Sun Moon was as politically incorrect as you could get, but he forced his followers into as many interracial marriages as he could.

We are not fighting PCs. We are fighting anti-whites, and the loudest and most aggressive anti-whites join militias and cults.

When a group is praised HERE as “politically incorrect,” it does enormous damage. One of the disciplines we all have to learn, and as a decades-long respectable conservative professional prostitute I have to keep kicking it back into my head, is that the left’s enemies are NOT our friends.

In fact, politically incorrect groups, like respectable conservatives, are bulwark of the anti-whites.

Roger Fromme gladly announced that the Netherlands had abandoned multiculturalism. What they did was adopt “integration.” I see Paul’s point, it is a step forward, but it is JUST the kind of thing a BUGSER is trained to look closely at. I am NOT condemning him, and I don’t want to waste time on someone defending Paul, who needs no defense.

Stick to the point. “Multiculturalism” is another barrier they can throw up to not to use “multiracialism.” You’ve caught onto that.

But also, never trust anyone who comes in on your side who is not SPECIFICALLY a BUGSER. To them, multiculturalism is an excuse NOT to “assimilate,” a misuse of all those third world immigrants and their endless offspring by intermarriage.

It is a blow to us to have one of our OWN praising a group for being “politically incorrect. “ Their goal, as they will yell at you, is to get rid of the white race.

The problem is that it is almost impossible, in America and especially abroad, for ANY group to be “pro-white.” To do so, they must do what my book did, USE the Mantra.

Anti-immigration is seldom pro-white. I cannot see how any group that does not USE the Mantra can be described as pro-white. In our society, the goal of immigration and assimilation for ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is as much part and parcel of every group, religious or political, the brain is in your body.

No more “politically incorrect.” It is pro-white or anti-white.




Hearing the Silence

Not just our established religion of Political Correctness, but EVERY ruling group uses the Orwellian Memory Hole. When something it is known for advocating, EVERY ruling group ceases to mention it.

That, after all, is the main POINT of being in control of Opinion, to dictate what is remembered and what is NOT to be remembered.

That is one of the main things respectable conservatives are paid for. National Review grovels before Saint Martin Luther the King and never mentions the disastrous failures of liberalism. NR avoids gun control like the plague.

In other words, if all you have is a huge file of things the media DO say, you are deaf. If you only discuss what they DO say, which is what respectable conservatives get paid for, you are deaf.

How many times have you heard anyone with a paycheck from the media quote what segregationists said integration would lead to?

In the 1960s Hans Eysenck wrote an article for National Review predicting that integration would damage most blacks by having its natural leaders melt into white suburban society, leaving the mass of blacks devoid of leadership and talent. Since then, I have read numerous articles in the mainline media about how this has happened.

Usually when a magazine makes a deadly accurate prediction, it proudly quotes it regularly.

It will be a long, cold day in the Eight Circle of Hell before National Review or any other respectable conservative publication quotes that Eysenck prophecy.

When I was trying to get thousands of Stormfront readers to notice I was tearing the guts out of anti-whites in Opposing Views, they obediently talked about Iraq and ONLY Iraq, which was the media’s choice of Big Issues.

I worked hard, I spent money, but I was stopped by people who didn’t listen to the silence.