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Writing is a LEARNED SKILL and NEEDS Real Reader Response

A writer has the same problem at a party that a doctor does.

We all know the old saw about every time a doctor goes to a party he gets a line of people who come up and say, “I know it’s after hours, doc, but I have this pain in my lower back…”

A writer has the same problem. There is a line of people who come up to him and complain, “I can TALK out a subject just fine, but when I sit down to WRITE it it comes all unstuck.”

In my party days I would ask them, “Can you repair a TV set?” They would look at me like I was crazy — a lot of people have done that — and I deliver my explanation:

Writing is no more a natural talent than fixing a TV was.

This point is relevant because HD and some others have been complaining they have real trouble with understanding what I am saying. He has an “engineering” mind.

My father was a Ceramic engineer. He would say the stuff I was in was arguing about rules, but, he said, “I deal with GOD’S rules.”

I finally got the guts to tell him that if he could get God Almighty to write some hard and fast rules for political science, history, and economics, we would follow them.

Despite my deliveries in Porch Talk, writing is not talking.

As usual, I need PARTICIPATION. I do NOT need someone to make the Stormfront comment that they don’t get it. I have spent fourteen years and over three thousand articles finding out some methods of explaining the Mantra approach and Mantra thinking.

I have read tens of thousands of comments to find to when your mind is dribbling back to N&J or slipping on a crucial point.

If you ask me how I stand on slavery, I will ignore it because I have a lot to do and little energy to do it with.

I STUDY what you say and try to fill in cracks and understand where my explanation didn’t work.

That is what the PROFESSION of writing is about. It is not about expressing yourself, it about being UNDERSTOOD.

And it is never even NEAR perfect.