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Pro-White or Anti-White, No Exceptions

I hear that when Hannity interviewed Dr. Duke, he asked, “Are you against interracial marriage?” When Dr. Duke said, “Yes,” Hannity looked shocked and said, “You really ARE a Nazi!”

Hannity considers everyone who is pro-white to be anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. But he is “right wing,” so he is regarded differently by our natural inclinations.


Read the Mantra. This is one reason it has to be so long. Anyone who, ACTIVELY OR PASSIVELY, subscribes to immigration and especially assimilation is joining the battle to destroy our race, and it makes no difference whether their motivation comes from the Pope, Karl Marx, or Ayn Rand.

With all these years of experience, I have discovered that only the Mantra leaves in every point that, in actual debate, we are likely to sag on. The Mantra has to be long because it hits each point the other side is likely to bring up, and it WARNS US not to sag on ANY point.

And, believe you me, the best are likely to sag on a regular basis.

We have seen Stormfront in a huge debate about whether a person must be Christian to be pro-white. Actually, the early Christian belief that the world would end soon got mixed in with degenerate Zoroastrianism and ended up making an oxymoron in our society of the words “genetic morality.”

I seem to be the only one here YET who has ever used that phrase. But heredity is more than half of life, and a set of Traditional Values that only addresses environment can be fatal and is mortally sinful.

Yet only I ever SAY that, even now.

We back down when someone talks about the blacks’ RIGHT to marry white women. But I see that you do not have any right to that which you will destroy. You are not allowed to handle museum pieces, though they are public property because you may damage them. But a black has a right to a blond wife and his seed will destroy the blondness.

It is not MORAL to let children handle precious and delicate things. But the kids MIGHT not damage them. But a black marrying a blond will DEFINITELY destroy what he says he has a right to.

Nobody else points that out.

It may be time for us to stop bitching about the Mantra and concentrate on getting our act together.