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The BEST Butter Myth

The greatest racehorse on earth can sire with the World Champion donkey.

The result will be a sterile mule.

The finest Cola drink mixed with the most expensive beer will produce something that tastes like a particularly putrid sewer.

A black man everybody agrees to be handsome and a beautiful white woman will produce an offspring that looks exactly like what it is, a random mixing of two races.

This “handsome couple” nonsense goes all the way back to Alice in Wonderland, and was old in 1865. At the Tea Party the Hatter complains that his watch is ruined because the March Hare put butter in it.

The Hare meekly replies, “But it was the BEST butter.”

Likewise the “handsome couple” repeats the same old myth. If each of the couple looks good, it is the BEST butter.