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“Make It New”

Yes, I admit it. I wrote poetry for while when I was young. It was in fact useful in honing my writing skills and exercising me in fitting my thoughts into few words and made me aware of the sound of the words. I got one major New York magazine to ask to look at more of my stuff.

I had a fight with my wife and moved out for a while and forgot all about it.

I was advised and encouraged by some of the few people who do poetry for a LIVING. A girl friend’s mother was a pro, and she encouraged me, and most people don’t realize that James Dickey, who is known for the book and movie Deliverance, was actually a professional poet and lived in Columbia, SC and taught at USC.

One rule was drummed into me by these people: Make It New

One poet was astounded beyond belief when I used the old saw, “windows of your soul“ to describe .eyes. I thought they were going to puke.

It is the nature of real Mantra Thinking that everything affects everything else. And when I think of the Mantra, these words from a whole different phase of my life come back to me: Make It New.

I just wrote a piece about the fact that, despite my lifelong use of Spanish, I did not realize until WW told me that Ole! was a stereotype. I then THOUGHT about it, and realized I had never heard one of the thousands of Spanish speakers I talked with ever use that word.

The reason I developed the Mantra was because so much basic thinking is just plain WRONG. But I forged our weapon by not CORRECTING others, but by Making It New.

You who have used the Mantra know how it catches anti-whites absolutely flat-footed. It refers to nothing they have ever had to do with before. It leaves them no room to reply with the stuff they have been fed all their lives.

And our discipline is to keep their noses right in the things that they could not imagine would come up in the Mantra.

The Mantra keeps it new.