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BUGSERS Are a Brand New Breed

One experienced BUGSER is fan of the voice shows I did for a while until I got tired of doing all that work and getting back nothing but comments on Iraq. He pointed our that my voice explanations were better than my written ones.

I’m sure he is right. I don’t even rewrite my stuff now. And very seldom does the article I begin end up as the one I started. Writing to you makes me think, and new thinking is very different from writing something that is fixed in your mind.

One reason for this may be that when I did the voice I was laying out basics that I had gotten clear in my mind for years.

BUGSERS are not Stormfronters. You already have my thinking and you have tried it out in the field.

Don’t underestimate yourselves.

I have never before had an audience that could take what I had to say and GO ON with it.

I have never before had an audience that wouldn’t read what I write and then go strolling off into profundity or how what I said related to the headlines.

I can see from your responses that the good ones are looking closely at what I say and expanding on the basics.

The result is that I am doing articles that draw a picture no one has ever drawn before.

Look at what we discuss and you will realize that no one who is not a BUGSERS would really understand a major portion of what we say.

One historian pointed out that a Britisher would have perfectly understood the debates that went on in America in 1776. But the theoretical and constitutional underpinnings of battles over states’ rights and most other issues in 1860 would have totally mystified him.

We are becoming similar. Many of our debates are simply incomprehensible to people who are used to complaints and tomes.

Thank God.