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Poisoned Tea is not Tea

NEVER let anti-whites retreat to comfortable ground.

Mantra battle does not “use their own words against them.” It doesn’t use their words at all.

For example, when someone starts “Loving everyone” as a cover for immigration and assimilation ONLY in white countries and in ALL white countries, it seems to me that one should not criticize their USE of the words.

One might make it clear from the get go that they are in turn peddling poison.

If they mention religion, go straight to calling it what it is, blasphemy.

A cup of tea may contain only a grain of deadly poison. But the minute the poison goes in, it is no longer tea. It is POISON.

When they mention loving others and drop in that grain of genocide, one should not respond by arguing the words. That is EXACTLY like treating tea with poison as if it were actually partly TEA.