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Monkey Shines

We all know that the Thought Police move in if one compares blacks in any way with monkeys.

But honestly it seems that blacks go out of their way to behave like monkeys. For example, the rapper-general Negroid gesture with his left hand in front of him leftward is EXACTLY what one world expect a monkey to do.

Holding a pistol sideways is EXACTLY what one would expect a monkey to do.

We have already noted how an anti-white frustrated with the Mantra pretends to be black and starts shrieking the way he thinks a black — or a monkey — would.

I don’t know if this is consciously done behind a screen of Thought Police protection, but everything blacks adopt as a part of Blackness seems to be directly based on monkeys. It may well be that it is not conscious, but they have adopted a view of THEMSELVES which is unconsciously exactly like that of the society they are raised in.