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Bob Gets His

I wrote a piece about how the answer to blacks who said their mulattoes were an improvement should be told that all brown countries or brown parts of countries were disasters.

Feu denfer pointed out that that was the kind of stuff I was always hitting you about, getting off the subject of GENOCIDE. To put it in technical terms, I had just made a horse’s ass of myself.

I am glad I did, just for that reply.

If Bob makes a horse’s ass of himself, and I often do, I need correction as much as you do. My dream is that one day BUGSERS will look back fondly and nostalgically on what Bob, not as the end of Wisdom, but as fumbling, early attempts at the techniques and arguments they have perfected.

That is a VERY different way of looking at things from the way a Leader does it.

Feu denfer didn’t begin his disagreement with long apostrophes about how wise and self-sacrificing I have been but in this case my brilliant mind had made an error that this inferior being was daring to correct. His approach was a little different:

“That’s stupid, Bob.”

I got a laugh out of that. Can you imagine one of David Duke’s troops saying, “That’s stupid, Dave,” or one of Jared Taylor’s people beginning his critique with “That’s stupid, Jared.” ? You don’t DO that with a Leader.

But you can do it with a COACH. Especially a Coach who considers it part of your training to give you hell when you break discipline.

A Leader tells you what Truth is. A Coach disciplines you so you can get out there and bang it out for yourself.

I am not asking for a lot of this. You know I HAVE made lifelong sacrifices and done a lot and deserve a LOT of respect.

And I’m old.

So I deserve a lot of deference, just as any Coach does. And when you quote me it shows you are staying on OUR subject. But don’t confuse that with treating me as a Fearless Leader.

IMPORTANT: This is a Subtle Point. Here, you find these subtle differences in my constantly talking about Lord Nelson’s error, but the point has nothing to do with the error itself. The faster you and LN get that the better, because the POINT is how LN TOOK my correction. He took it and he ran with it, and the more time he spends apologizing for it the more he gets us off the SUBTLE POINT I‘m trying to make..

Most training, as opposed to most preaching, consists of pointing out ERRORS. It is something critically important HERE how you deal with them.

Sometimes my mistakes are subtle. But when I do something truly dumb like getting off the Mantra to talk about colored countries, the only proper observation is the one I would make if YOU did that:

“That’s stupid, Bob.”

We’re on the right track.