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Tell, Don’t Ask

When someone starts talking about race mixing being good, it is time to say that all brown countries, and all brown PARTS of countries, are failures.

This is fundamental to Mantra communication. We keep them off of anything familiar. We hit them with our Pilum, the Mantra, and then we follow up on their disorder, not with some version of THEIR tactics, but with our own information and OUR weapon, the short word for gut-jabbing.

This takes a lot of discipline and lot of practice.

When they say anything you should be thinking of how you can use that to make one of OUR points. They have absolutely nothing to say we haven’t heard a thousands times.

So when they say, “We should love all mankind,” we hit them with the FACT that they are using decency as a weapon of genocide. That is like using the name of God to sponsor war, it is exactly like blasphemy, it makes every word they say poison.

I get so TIRED and frustrated seeing someone repeat the old ARGUMENTS, because I know they are losing. Familiar ground is FATAL

When I reply I use the term “Thought Police.” In fact, just using that term makes the communication worth while.

The only way I answer anything THEY say is “You honestly think I haven’t heard all that crap before?’ Then I TELL them something that hits home, like using Thought Police or the truth about colored countries.

TELL, don’t ASK.