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Mantra Thinking is a Long, Long Road

Only by stating my worry can I raise a possibility it will not come true:

I often feel that I will be the last, as I was the first, true Mantra thinker.

Let me go straight to an example, the mammoth.

In my last book I actually set out the priorities of Political Correctness in English, something no one else would do. I said black good, white bad; female good, male bad; and a list of list of others, Then I discussed, in English, the conflicts that every professional commentator faces when, say, black male rapes white female and how the categories of Good/Bad are balanced.

Few people I know would ever GET there, and no one but me would have gone on BEYOND there.

The English prof who reviewed my first book in National Review, called his review, “Read This One!” and said the best thing about the book were the coruscating insights. I get a lot of insights by going on with my reasoning rather than stopping to find a news item or an impressive philosophy it lets me expound on.

For example, another rule of Political Correctness is “Animal Good, People Bad” Then while thinking over conflicts, I discovered something. It hit me that funded science — which is a good term in itself — has done a screeching U-turn on the extinction of the mammoths. Everybody used to agree that when men came across he Bering Strait, mammoths and nearly every other large animal disappeared.

So the information justified the funding because it fitted the “man evil, animals good” rule. I thought about this screeching U-Turn, where every documentary tries desperately to prove that animals who lived through numerous ice ages simply happened to drop dead in the one when “humans” came over.

What happened was that they ran into a conflict. “Man” almost invariably means the Evil White Man. But according the rules of that day, there wasn’t a single Evil White Man involved.

Just the opposite! The humans who would have killed the Mammoths, according to the rules then, world have been the Good Humans, the Native Americans, those who cry like a baby when a white man takes a pee in their woods!

Somewhere this conflict was noted. I had heard the screech when documentaries abruptly started denying that man killed the mammoths, but until I did some Mantra Thinking while writing, I didn’t realize why.

And no one in our Stormfront-trained generation ever will.

The coruscating insights in my books came from continuing on with my assumptions. All others today get from one statement right into how it fits in being Profound or hits the headlines or their pet ideology.

If I talk about how their media defending them from challenges has weakened the other side, the main thing people think about is how the example I give deals with slavery.

I live in hope that some BUGSERS — and we are VERY few — will begin to learn how to follow these assumptions and sometimes not worry about how the first assumptions offend the present ruling class.

THAT would take you time.

It took ME many years.