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Mantra Thinking Involves Rethinking

Mantra Thinking, like Hoffer’s “American,” will probably never have a strict definition. Hoffer defines “American” by his usage of the term in actual experiments, which jibes with that of his millions of readers.

So when I discuss Mantra Thinking, it is in jabs at reality.

For example, Mantra Thinking involves a great deal more Rethinking that what professors think of as thinking. The Mantra, for example, is very hard to grasp precisely because those who hear of it have never actually THOUGHT about what their actual ASSUMPTIONS are.

Not only is it difficult for people to realize that all their talk about “men love one another” and “assimilation” applies entirely and unquestionably ONLY to white countries and to ALL white countries. As I have repeatedly pointed out, as soon as the Soviet Empire collapsed, the question came up, “When will Eastern Europe be ready for immigration?”

No one would ask, if North Korea were freed, “When will it be ready for immigration?” Some one who brought up that question in relation to North Korea would be considered a kook: “What in the hell does immigration policy have to do with just having overthrown Communism?”

But the same question was instantaneous in the case of Eastern Europe, and no one asked why because they all KNEW why.

Eastern Europe is WHITE.

The assumption is so deep no one asks about it, but EVERYONE goes by it.

No one is going to be praised for taking that question out and asking it.

That is NOT what is considered “thinking” in this society.

So a major part of Mantra Thinking is going back over the assumptions that got us here.

That used to be called Heresy. It is now called Politically Incorrect.