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Panic Sells — and Causes More Panics

Why is information produced? This question is pure Mantra Thinking because it goes directly to the base, it starts at the beginning, it is not premised on proving the person asking it is Up on Things or doing Complex Thinking or any of the other real motives people have for discussing a topic.

The information we receive most is panic. How many hours have we wasted reading about the latest cancer cause.

Demography is a branch of economics, but it is looked down on by serious economists as “Panic Studies” because the only demography anybody knows about is the stuff that gets published about how, since the population growth varied ten percent in the last decade, a projection of this shows the world will be elbow to elbow or else totally depopulated in a hundred years.

In fact, the news is made up almost entirely of crises that occurred because, when something could have been done about it, everybody was talking and thinking only about a crisis at that time which had reached crisis level precisely because nobody had been thinking about that problem because when something could have been done they were fascinated by another crisis from the same cyclical cause.

And, of course, there is never time to stop and think about this fundamental problem because people are concentrating on the latest frontline crises.

Which is why BUGS and Mantra Thinking can NEVER reach the heights of interest The Jewish Conspiracy or the Big Bad Bankers Conspiracy or the Communist Plot did.

People do not want to read about reality and Mantra Thinking on what can be done in the real world. They want to drool over the War in Iraq or the Latest…

Well, the Latest Anything.

And when a crisis occurs, who gets all the consulting money? The EXPERTS in the area where the crisis is occurring of course.

Try to think of a business surviving that way. One section of the company has become so bad that it is about to destroy the whole company.

Would the company then raise the pay of those who had been running that section and call ONLY the people who CAUSED the crisis to solve it?

“What we need to do about this disaster is to call in ONLY the people who CAUSED it to tell us what to do about it.“

In the real world, with real money, a company that called in the experts who formulated the policy disaster to solve it would be put under psychiatric observation.

We have a psychotic system because we do not do Mantra Thinking.