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Politically Incorrect is Just as Anti-white as Politically Correct

All too regularly a commenter will say how politically incorrect a group is. This means NOTHING. PLEASE stop doing that!

The Reverend Sun Moon was as politically incorrect as you could get, but he forced his followers into as many interracial marriages as he could.

We are not fighting PCs. We are fighting anti-whites, and the loudest and most aggressive anti-whites join militias and cults.

When a group is praised HERE as “politically incorrect,” it does enormous damage. One of the disciplines we all have to learn, and as a decades-long respectable conservative professional prostitute I have to keep kicking it back into my head, is that the left’s enemies are NOT our friends.

In fact, politically incorrect groups, like respectable conservatives, are bulwark of the anti-whites.

Roger Fromme gladly announced that the Netherlands had abandoned multiculturalism. What they did was adopt “integration.” I see Paul’s point, it is a step forward, but it is JUST the kind of thing a BUGSER is trained to look closely at. I am NOT condemning him, and I don’t want to waste time on someone defending Paul, who needs no defense.

Stick to the point. “Multiculturalism” is another barrier they can throw up to not to use “multiracialism.” You’ve caught onto that.

But also, never trust anyone who comes in on your side who is not SPECIFICALLY a BUGSER. To them, multiculturalism is an excuse NOT to “assimilate,” a misuse of all those third world immigrants and their endless offspring by intermarriage.

It is a blow to us to have one of our OWN praising a group for being “politically incorrect. “ Their goal, as they will yell at you, is to get rid of the white race.

The problem is that it is almost impossible, in America and especially abroad, for ANY group to be “pro-white.” To do so, they must do what my book did, USE the Mantra.

Anti-immigration is seldom pro-white. I cannot see how any group that does not USE the Mantra can be described as pro-white. In our society, the goal of immigration and assimilation for ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is as much part and parcel of every group, religious or political, the brain is in your body.

No more “politically incorrect.” It is pro-white or anti-white.