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Militant Idiots

Gavin used the term “militant idiots.”

In the real, one to one battle between us and evil, people who love to hate their own people and glory in it, terms like “militant idiots” are INFINITELY more important than any pamphlet you can write that proves to the world that you are a Genius.

William Buckley hated my guts. Bill Rusher, who had been with him for decades, told me so.

Two of his brothers hated me, too.

Because what I said hit HOME.

I did not criticize his use of “untranslated French.”

I called it “The Miss Piggy Complex.”

He HATED that!

An article in Arizona that was infuriated at the Mantra being posted up IN A MEN’S ROOM was sent to me as a challenge.

I replied, “Maybe next time your Thought Police can keep your toilets free of Heresy.”

I NEVER get a reply.

How can I make this point?

Don’t reply with something that will show the world What You Know.

Your reply should be calculated to hit home.

William Buckley was a pathetic attempt to be a snob.

So I called him Miss Piggy, which was perfectly accurate.

“Militant Idiots,” militant ignorance, Thought Police, Miss Piggy Complex. These hit home and they HURT, because everybody knows they are TRUE..

These represent the short sword. They go for the gut.

It took years of practice on the Field of Mars to develop the short sword.

There was little glory in finding a new short sword thrust.

My experience tells me that there is more POWER in boiling the enemy’s ego down to its basics, to coming out with a phrase like “Miss Piggy Complex, ” than there is to any pamphlet telling the world how sophisticated you are.

Classical history is full of the names of Authors who wrote Great Writings.

But History does not even mention, nor does it KNOW, the names of the people who developed each short sword thrust that ruled the world in the time all the glorious tracts were written.

At the top, they were TERRIFIED of me.

Bill Rusher never understood exactly why they were scared of ME in a way the liberals never SCARED them.

This is serious, this is LITERAL: Find what HURTS.

It takes time, it takes effort.

And no one will ever give you credit for it.