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BUGS and Van Helsing

As usual, a few critical words say it all:

“ I keep thinking about how important BUGS is. I used to get frustrated with all the keyboard commandos we have on the net (SF) who will not engage in the real world. But you BUGSters are just Heroic. What we are doing seems extremely important, maybe it will change the world. I have loads of Hate mail / threats in my inbox from BUGsing, that tells me I am getting somewhere and displays the EVIL we are up against – their nastiness helps to keep me motivated, “

That is the critical story, all in one paragraph.


After quoting that statement on, Genseric made another of his own in the Swarm:

“There is a distinct possibility that many pro-whites will be on message in Duluth on March 3. Apparently, the media caught a whiff of the Mantra after their lazy reporter mistakenly pumped BUGS on television. They say they will be boycotting the ‘White Supremacist’ event. It seems they don’t want to risk letting the Mantra go mainstream.”

That is a classical example of Listening to the Silence. People who write on public matters for a living are sleazes, including the one who whorehoused for respectable conservatives years ago name Bob Whitaker, but they get ahead because they know exactly what the power of words is.

No one on our side sees what we are doing, but professional respectables and leftists cow away from it the way a vampire does before a crucifix.

They instinctively throw a body-block on anything that hints of ONLY white countries and ALL white countries. That is worldview they cannot let an air of breath for.

But no one else will DO it. They want to spend their time getting credit for Knowing All About Evil.

You can lecture a vampire all day long, but at night he is still effective.

You have to go for him in his lair and nail him down.