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Coaching, not Puppeteering

I denounced the use of “politically incorrect.” I wrote other articles using the term.

But I denounced it because it was substituted, and substituted HERE, for anti-white. Someone bragged about a Canadian Homeowners’ Association because it was politically incorrect.

I beg to be corrected, but I am willing to bet that they would go NUTS if someone called them “Pro-white.”

We are not here protecting Property Rights or borders. Those who shout about these things are the best friends anti-whites have. Nobody screams integration as loud as the Militia Groups.

Even Eric Fromme happily announced that the Netherlands had renounced multiculturalism and was now going all out for integration.

I do not know whether they were using wry humor to waste our time or what, but some people asked if we were still ALLOWED to talk about our established religion of PC.

This is the sort of thing one expects in SF.

If you are ON THE LINE, you will learn what to use when.

A If you watch a football game, you don’t see strings hanging down on the players from above. Coaching is no substitute for being right in the game itself.

Please look at my advice in CONTEXT.