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Picking Micronits

According to a link in Swarm, the Occidental Observer had an article on white genocide!!!

Though such a respectable publication won’t touch such a Whitaker topic, as always, the response was solidly positive.

The negative response was FUNNY!

The writers solemnly discussed the proposition that the term “race problem” was wrong. They said not a word about the simple proposition that immigration and assimilation are required in ALL white countries and ONLY white countries.

This is the only kind of “answer” the Mantra ever gets from anybody.

A while back I saw a You Tube by a guy who was going to demolish the Mantra and he read it off his screen.

Well, PART of it. He apparently hadn’t read it closely before, and he kept skipping sections.

His main argument was about the statement that the Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan. Finally he found something he could attack.

He spent the longest part of the show discussing the meaning of the word “crowded.”

Sometimes you really have to have a sense of humor.