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Our Cause or Your Pride?

In Swarm, someone said that when they threatened eventual punishment for those participating in white genocide, they got banned. But they bragged they keep doing it.

It reminds me of a scene in an old movie when a hypochondriac told a tired doctor that one his symptoms was that “It hurts when I press right here.”

The doctor replied, “Then don’t press there!”

Our aim here is not to “show ‘em” or “scare ‘em.”

Our main discipline here consists of foregoing showing how smart we are or whatever else the tomeists get out of it and sticking to the pila and the sword thrusts.

It is VERY frustrating to me when someone forgets this. If you get banned, STOP DOING IT.

The danger to our message is that you will go dribbling off the point when I am no longer here. I don’t know how many times I have quoted Caesar as saying the Britons could have destroyed his army if they had stuck to small, surprise attacks.

But that was not macho enough. The Britons wanted to go Bravely Into the Field and defeat the Romans in Brave Battle.

I repeat things for a reason. I know how easy it is to show how wonderful and tough and knowledgeable WE are, but our goal is to expose others to the basic reality of white genocide.

Before you pat your back, CHECK YOUR PREMISES.