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BUGS Strategy is Based on Our Being Right All Along

I have spent over fifty-five years fighting anti-white traitors and predicting what has happened.

I hate the bastards. When I was in my early teens I used to say “Nothing too bad can happen to an integrationist.”

When White Rabbit got going for a while, he asked me how I had stayed sane after all these years of dealing with the people he had suffered from in a short time.

I have had two nervous breakdowns and two heart attacks. And I have forced myself to do, for over half a century, the greatest feat possible of MORAL COURAGE:

I have CHANNELED my anger. Those five words contain more suffering over half a century than you could get in a torture chamber.

One of the first lessons I brought over from Stormfront was that SF is not a weapon of war, it is a VENTING device. Conventions were also good VENTING places. It was wonderful to hear speeches which told the truth.

I bitch about Stormfront all the time, but Stormfront was a major turning point for BUGS, which was Whitakeronline before it evolved into BUGS. To my mind, BUGS is not a contradiction to Stormfront or the Conventions. Instead BUGS is a the next step.

When younger people — at least younger in the movement, read Stormfront and heard the speeches at Conventions, it was major relief to them to see people telling the truth despite our Thought Police.

I had heard those truths in my youth, when I lived where a solid segregationist viewpoint was regularly aired. But I also came from a fight where they had integrated us and forced us to say we LIKED it.

So where newer people felt that conventions and Stormfront were naturally leading somewhere, I had the advantage — if you call something that horrible an advantage — of seeing that telling the truth is not enough.

But I saw another advantage. We are in a different era from the one in which segregationists were trying to explain what this ruling integrationist mentality would LEAD TO. The disaster and the genocide of our kind that we pointed to then are now not only real, they are established doctrine that we have Thought Police to enforce.

They used to chuckle at us for saying integration was aimed at intermarriage. They chuckled at our statement that a country which has no race soon has no borders.

I faithfully attended the conventions and wrote in Stormfront, but I had been through all this before, and we LOST. Most former segregationists have sold out partly because they have been here before and LOST before.

But I saw the GIANT advantage we now have: Everything we predicted is not happening, it is DOCTRINE. Now what we were trying to say then can be stated in 222 words and no one can deny it.