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Productive Punishment

Let the summer warriors get their kicks by talking about shooting the anti-whites, or “tribunals,” and such crap.

I have lived with the real punishment, the one that LASTS, and compared to it tribunals and shootings really are minor.

It seems utterly forgotten, but I have repeatedly proposed and you have agreed with, a FINANCIAL punishment. This is CRITICAL. Tribunals and such DO NOT LAST.

Paying informers lasts forever.

This, to me, is logical and, when the time comes, critical.

There will be no statute of limitations. Every Morning, every person and every HEIR of a person who helped the anti-white campaign, however indirectly, will have to wait for the moment when an informer finds proof of his or his ancestor’s joining in this campaign. Informers will still be on this for a hundred years.

Remind you of the Holocaust?

We will give a percentage of the find to informers, and informers will make their living by never letting anyone forget this campaign for white genocide.

A business which EMPLOYS a person who took part in the anti-white campaign and, to a lesser degree, anyone who INHERITED from a person who took part in the white genocide campaign, will be subject to a penalty.

No blood. No violence. Just a reminder, for a century or two, of what rich white people did to us.

You play into their hands when you start raving about tribunals and firing squads and torchlight parades. They LOVE quotes like that. They are in total contrast to the common sense of the Mantra.

But more important, this will perpetuate itself and the memory of white genocide.

It is a bit like the Chinese water torture. Who could guess that drops of water could be more agonizing than the whip.

And the whip eventually kills and the torture ENDS.

Take it from one who has faced this kind of punishment for over half a century. It makes a firing squad look like a wimp solution.