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The Mantra’s Bob Problem

c-bear writes:

I have a teenage son. He came back from school the other day and recalled a discussion he had with a peer about immigration. The point he brought up was that Irish immigrants actually earned their citizenship, as opposed to the more recent Mexican variety. I explained to him that the main difference between Mexican and Irish immigrants is that the Irish are white. He looked perplexed that I would say something so obvious. I had to explain to him the importance of using the Mantra, that he missed out on the perfect opportunity to go full Mantra. While the kid is racially aware, for which I am grateful, he is still resistant to using the Mantra. This is probably because of pride. The kid is uber intelligent and thinks he should be able to come up with his own talking points. I have explained how practical politics works but once to him. I guess he still needs more work, but he is further ahead on the race issue than I was at his age. He’ll be Swarming soon enough. : )

So the Bear addresses that problem all of us who have used the Mantra out in real battle have: Where does this last-ditch resistance come from?

When Derrick Black called me about the Sevierville convention for me and White Rabbit and Trucker Joe to speak, he told me he had tried every way he could find to find a substitute for the Mantra and for the word “genocide.”

But he did NOT do any explaining as to WHY he had avoided it. We are both professionals, and we both understand this Bob Problem.

One of the basic ways I have exerted power is by avoiding identifying myself with my own ideas. Both Derek and I understand why the identification of the Mantra with me has been a disaster I tried to avoid. I spent a couple of YEARS trying to plant this concept into Stormfront, the way I have planted a hundred others through the years, so it would filter down to a Big Name, or at least a name, that would pick up on it and take it for his own.

I cleared out the friggin‘ Opposing Views, and everybody saw it. They DISCUSSED my beating all the OVs. But nobody wanted to find out HOW I was doing this.

So I had to do what to me was a nightmare: I had to sell the Mantra IN MY OWN NAME.

You would be astonished if you really found out how many things I got through by the opposite means: Developing an idea and then letting it filter in someone else’s name. That’s THEIR incentive.

The effectiveness of my technique is demonstrated by the Bob Problem with the Mantra. I had to become a Coach to push it, and it took YEARS even then. But my usual method is totally destroyed in this case.

Derrick told me how hard he had tried not to use the Mantra, we both understood why so well it didn’t come up. Every professional understands the Mantra’s Bob Problem.