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The End of White India

The more I read, the more I am amazed by how many things came out of India when it was white. They still call our numbers “Arabic Numerals,” though an educated person who spends his time away from Mommy Professor knows our numbering comes from White India.

There is no way to know how many things came to us from White India, largely because they all appeared to come from the Middle East, which is where all historians, from fundamentalists to Marxists, WANT everything to come from.

Rice, the basis of Chinese culture, came from, guess where? Aquatic rice was developed there and taken into China.

Anti-whites and New Agers want everything to come from Mongoloid China. Yet Kung Fu, a Secret of Ancient China, was developed by a white Indian who is said to have bored a hole in a wall with his BLUE eyes.

The eyes of Buddha were “blue as the blue lotus.”

So India still had a VERY white upper class around the time of Christ. There are still things like the steel pillars sitting all throughout India that is at least two thousand years ahead of any such steel appearing in history.

There are still other things like this steel.

The Sanskrit word for “caste” is the word “color.”

The Buddha and his contemporary Wordists rejected the caste system. So did Asoka, the king who spread Buddhist missionaries all the way to Greece.

Even in 1776 Adam Smith described China as desperately poor, but India as even more poor and stagnant. He was comparing them to eighteenth century England, where starvation was still a routine way of death.

If you want a view of the future if we don’t push the Mantra, India gives it to you. When I was young, EVERYTHING horrible was in India. They still had bubonic plague, as was pointed out of all places on Seinfeld.

It is incredible that Buddha and the Kung Fu originator were STILL very white after India had had the Aryan invaders living side-by-side with the colored people there for two thousand years.

But eventually Wordism, in the form of Buddhism and in Hindu “reformers,” managed to produce the brown country that horrified Adam Smith.