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Why I Discussed “The Bob Problem”

You will understand the major lesson of my discussion of “The Bob Problem” with the Mantra if you understand how I have exercised power during my lifetime. What people consider laughable is that I state it baldly.

My method has been described in hundreds of articles here. I PLANT ideas. I can do this in such a way — and it takes work to learn — in such a way that no one can say “This big time writer got this idea from Bob Whitaker.”

My picture was on the front page of the New York Times. People in DC congratulated me about it. But the reason I got my picture there was because I wrote the reporter’s story for him. He was doing a report on the YOUNG Reagan appointees. He put the other two guys’ ages after their names, but my age of forty did not appear.

He had to use me because I had given him almost every single quote he used in the story.

I had done hundreds of press releases by then. More important, I had studied how 1) to come up with ideas that writers could USE and, much harder, 2) I found ways to hand them those ideas in way that even THEY didn’t know they came from me.

So, Presto! Ideas that have changed the world have come from me. To exercise power my way, you have to not only give up all credit for what you do, but you have to become an EXPERT at avoiding credit.

That’s why the Mantra has a Bob Problem. But what that is meant to demonstrate is NOT something critical of pro-white leaders, but to show you why I finally had to get so desperate as to link my own link inextricably to the Mantra.

When you read my stuff, PLEASE read it twice before you comment. This web of ideas is interrelated.

I worked my bohunkus off trying to get the Mantra into Stormfront without its being identified with ME.

When you have written two mainline books and are a senior staffer on Capitol Hill, it can be a real trial keeping anyone from knowing a thing came from you.

But we are dealing with human beings, not angels or devils. An idea a professional writer can take credit for is simply WORTH a lot more than one he has to say he got from somebody else. I was NOT able to do the Mantra my usual very expert way, and it pays the price for that.

Since not taking credit for something is considered such a brag, especially in an ego-driven area like politics, you may think I want credit for NOT taking credit. The IMPORTANT point here is that not only did I eschew credit, I had to become an EXPERT in NOT being accredited with my ideas.

I know my enormous accomplishments. It would sound absurd for me to list or for you to believe them if I did not explain that I had to become an EXPERT at trading credit for power. I wanted POWER. I wanted to change the world.

This sounds like a simple trade-off, but you find that in the real world any method that works in jungle warfare like the competition for power in Washington, DC, is NOT easy.

What you get here is POWER. I hope you will turn it into money and fame, but I was in historically perfect positions to change the world my way in the face of thousands of others who desperately wanted to do the same thing. That takes more than giving up credit and a chance of fame or job offerings.

You START with this tradeoff, but you find that you have to work your butt off and push yourself into exhaustion in learning over years exactly HOW to trade off fame and money for raw, real power.

If all you got out of my Bob Problem article was my talking about Derek or the latest news on the anti-Jews, you need to do some thinking.