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A Little Empathy Here, BUGSERS

A couple of commenters on “Productive Punishment” pointed out to me that merely depriving anti-whites and their heirs of money was not sufficient to satisfy justice or, as I believe Coniglio Bianco said, his own personal rage at these unnatural beings who are beyond description.

I am asking you for some appreciation for my suffering.

This is hard to do, because in my seventh decade of constantly being told, “You don’t know REAL LIFE!” You don’t know how much I SUFFERED from the generation that made self-pity and putting down everybody else a regular occupation.

I have waited a while before addressing the two commenters who presumably represent others in demanding tribunals as punishment for anti-whites instead of my permanent program of paying informers who go back to this Holocaust and find those responsible and then take away their money, or, in most cases, money from their heirs.

I wrote something and withheld it, because this is a gut issue as well as a practical one.

Lord, so I ever understand your RAGE!

Treason, self-hatred, turning on your own people, the very essence of Dante’s Tenth Circle of Hell has been an integral part of the world around me all my life.

It’s easy for me to SAY “channel your wrath” but it is another thing to DO it. I will soon be seventy one years and have slowly moved toward channeling my wrath for over fifty-five years. I might be bragging, but a thirty-year-old Bob Whitaker was devising things to do to integrationists that would even impress Coniglio at his angriest.

Have a little empathy, Coniglio and timeforfreedom and their sympathizers. I HATE these demons in human form and I have BEEN hating them and fighting them since I was in my impressionable teens.

The people who were REALLY responsible for this are dead. They were pushing this anti-white stuff back when Americans took the Yellow Peril seriously. The World War II Generation has almost died out, and they were brain-dead when they were young, much less now.

Actually I hate the fanatical anti-whites less than I do the whites who just say something like, “It’s 2012,” and for whom white genocide is an abstract, while this year’s deficit is the world to them. It was that kind of lazy, pathological white who made integration possible.

Let us freely discuss the real issues here. timeforfreedom and Coniglio say that, in terms of abstract Justice tribunals are not enough. A third and more practical question is what we TALK about. This is most important because I don’t see any torchlight parades forming out there right now, so what we TALK about is the most important thing in our real world.

I will try to discuss those other two issues later.

But this first discussion is personal.

I treasure white rabbit’s personal comment to me that he cannot believe I fought these — THINGS for DECADES and am still not in a nut house.

I could have made a FAR better living with almost no work in my years in politics.

I might be sitting here telling you how I was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Procurement.

I would HATE to be over seventy and have only that to brag about, but it would have made my life richer and the respectable conservatives and the Jareds of the world would be thrilled to meet me.

No, I channeled my anger and sold out when I had to, all for POWER.

But the point I am making is it HURT, and you should know it hurts.

After all these decades of pain, I honestly don’t CARE what a non-BUGSER thinks of me. And by a BUGSER I don’t mean one of the thousands of readers, but those of you like Coniglio who are out in the Swarm.

As far as opinions of me go, you are the few who really get to me.

I don’t want any of my own to even suspect that I don’t have at least as much pure, repressed FURY at these anti-white animals that they do.

Dante’s Western mind put less extreme versions of today’s anti-whites into the Iced of the Tenth Circle of Hell.

And compared to me, he found them merely irritating.