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The Anti-Mantra Crowd Comes Out of Hiding

The Occidental Observer had an article where the Mantra was approach was praised, which is presented and discussed at

But what is important here is that, in this discussion, the anti-Mantra crowd has finally come out from under cover. They have previously been using the same strategy that the anti-white establishment uses, simply putting everything about the Mantra into the Memory Hole and acting like it doesn’t exist.

I hope that the example set by TOO in talking about the Mantra strategy openly will be followed by others.

There was the usual guy who has apparently appointed himself Royal Prosecutor who put in thousands of words attacking me and the Mantra. He reminds me of the old kooks you find at small meetings who preside, not because they have been elected by anybody, but they simply have this idea they are the chairman.

He said I am just like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I don’t think he requires any courtesy after a personal insult like that. If he knew anything about us, he would know that calling me a respectable conservative is a really vicious slur.

Nobody who criticizes us at TOO shows any sign of having READ anything of ours. I have repeatedly observed that Hannity said David Duke was a Nazi because he opposes interracial marriage. But you would have to have READ our stuff to know that, and personal insults are just so much easier for the Royal Prosecutor.

But let us trace the discussion. Let’s begin at the end. As the discussion wore down, the pro-white anti-Mantra crowd agreed that, gee, the major problem is that we are silenced by charges of racism and Holocaust stuff.

In other words, they finally doddered towards reality which is where the Mantra Strategy BEGINS.

It is an attempt to get us out of this position of being suppressed that the old stuff, the stuff the anti-Mantra crowd is defending, got us into. They declare the glory of a “leadership” that has spend generations getting us into this position where they can’t say anything for fear of “racism” and the Holocaust

The Mantra puts the genocide charge on anti-whites where it belongs. It uses their suppression against them.

We must get rid of this open oppression, we must get free speech before anyone has the right to answer us at all.

So the anti-Mantra group ended up where it always ends up: sniveling about how suppressed we are, and how hopeless it all is.