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Yes, They Really ARE That Way!

One of my greatest problems was always to make people understand that our enemies’ dialogue is not even at a human level. People complain about the length of the Mantra, and I see our people are correcting that in Swarm, but the point is that that couple of hundred words covers every single “argument” you will ever hear on the other side in books, “seminars,” or the automatic thousands of words you will get back when you get into the “debate.”

But you can’t truly BELIEVE that, EMPATHIZE with that, until you get out there and DEAL with them.

The anti-Mantra discussions at

serve much the same purpose.

Why HAVE we wasted over a generation talking to each other and leaving anti-whites unscathed? How COULD anybody be so STUPID?

And in the above link, they tell you how.

The self-appointed Royal Prosecutor declares that our efforts are useless, 1) because the Truth cannot be told because of screams of racism and Nazism and, 2) an internet-based strategy will not work because the other side controls the REAL media. He says “somebody” must take over the REAL media.

But since his “somebody” is afraid even to use his name in a public argument, how is “somebody” going to take over the entire national media establishment?

Actually, all the thousands of words the anti-Mantra group uses here contains not one single syllable about what THEY are DOING. The one thing they are all doing is shivering in a corner because the other side is so mean and scares them with words like Nazi.

None of them is doing anything that hasn’t been done for the last two generations. Most of them aren’t doing even that.

The point that you must realize is that this is what has constituted the entire pro-white movement for two generations, and without BUGS it would be all they do today.

I can tell you that, over and over, but there is no substitute for you actually having a place where you can SEE it. That is the only way you can realize how subhuman anti-whites are, that is, by getting in there and facing them.

But unlike anti-whites, who are in control of everything, these anti-Mantra pro-whites are not worth much attention. They are of historical interest, to demonstrate what Kelso points out, that the entire pro-white movement has been Absent Without Leave for fifty years.

The only real pro-whites, us BUGSERS, have FINALLY come charging in.