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The Big Trendy

There are the Politically Correct and there is also the group that thinks of itself as the Independent Thinkers.

I remember one incident when the height of Trendy Crowd fashion was a bumper sticker that showed they had taken up Caring for Animals in the same way that YUPPIES had. The Trendy Crowd started imitating the YUPPIES they worship, who were Caring for Animals at that moment. As always, every one of these people who went for the current trend, then as now, firmly believed he was being an Independent Thinker.

Hell, everybody TOLD him he was an Independent Thinker, because what he was doing was what All the other tens of millions of Independent Thinkers were doing.

So the Independent Thought of the tens of millions was to put a sticker on their car that said “I Brake for Animals,” as the fashion of that month was Care for Animals.

The problem was, they immediately began causing all the old cumbersome trucks to jackknife as they made a show of Concern for the Cat.

Pretty soon truckers began to put on bumper stickers: “I do NOT brake for people who brake for animals.”

Pretty soon they traded in that IT slogan for another.

I went through one phase of this IT stuff when I was in the drug and alcohol program.

The Universalist Unitarian Church has no religion, so it devotes itself entirely to whatever is trendy with the Yuppies right now. I call them “The First Church of Whatever’s Cool.”

One month the Trendy Cause was Narcotics Recovery. So they invited us to have meetings in their church.

Two months after that anti-smoking was the Big Trendy.

So they kicked us out.

You know, if people who are sick of this nonsense just started using the term “Big Trendy”, as in “Yes, what you are saying is the Big Trendy right now”, we could BURY a lot of this crap.

One commenter pointed out that “anti-white” was a term you simply DID NOT HEAR until we got started.

A Warning, the term “anti-white AND anti-Semitic” was used a lot, but “anti-white” as a stand alone was totally absent from ALL public dialogue. I remember because  of the reaction I hit when I put it one of John Ashbrook’s speeches. His entire staff other than me thought the term “anti-white” would ruin his political career.

So before absolutely everybody takes credit for it in a few years, let us enjoy our uniqueness.