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Jews Are Making Anti-Semitism Permanent

The funny thing is, all the Jewish Obsessionists against the Mantra are the best friends anti-white Jews have. The fact is that Jewish spokesmen have made it blatantly clear that official Jewish opinion is a major driver in white genocide.

It doesn’t matter at all whether there WAS a Jewish Conspiracy. “I am Jewish, so…” has become synonymous with “I want whites done away with.” All the mainline Protestant denominations shrunk up and began to disappear as they more and more abandoned old religious doctrines and began to desperately insist they were “relevant” and became Social Cause groups.

As the Special Cause of the Future crap began to age out with the media image of hippies as social causers, the population was going up and mainline Protestant membership was dropping like a rock with lead in it. They lost tens of millions of people who had previously been members for generations, and identified themselves as Methodists or Lutherans the way they identified their name as Smith or Jones.

And it was actually worse than it looked. When any population survey is done, half at least of those who answer tell the questioner which church they attended back when they were attending church on orders from their parents. The overwhelming majority of Methodists in America haven’t see the inside of a Methodist church since their parent’s funerals.

My doctor brother died a “Methodist” but he was buried in a Baptist cemetery. He hadn’t seen the inside of a Methodist Church since a wedding about 1961.

Jews have gone out of their way to be totally, completely, irrevocably a part of ridding the world of the white race. You don’t have to tell anybody that, THEY have.

The anti-Mantra Jewish Obsessionists should be, maybe to a great extent are, recipients of that huge Jewish money they are always talking about. They are the best investments the wildly, loudly anti-white Jewish leadership could possibly make.