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The Swarm is NOT a Sandbox!

I remember all the decades I spent with the important things on the right, especially MY important things on the right, being ignored. So I am particularly upset when someone puts a link in the Swarm to a YouTube section and I look at some dork talking about God knows what.

Usually it’s an anti-white YouTube with a hundred thousand or more views already.

And, of course, we had the routine one that showed that JEWS were supporting multiculturalism.

Wow, WHAT a news item!

The people who put this crap in usually don’t even have the courtesy to say what they ARE.

These things keep our attention, RIGHT HERE IN SWARM, OFF of our people who have done special Youtubes, at considerable cost in their own time and effort.

Play your dumbass little Obsession games elsewhere. Put your latest “cute, look at this” Youtube in Stormfront.

This is all we have.

Don’t pollute it.