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Now or Never is NOT Der Tag!

As a comment on “Now or Never,” Jason Here said we had best take baby steps because our day was not anywhere near here yet.

I don’t know exactly what he means, but it reminds of one of our basic lessons here. God bless Stormfront, but us Stormfront Refugees remember when all we heard about was how the writer was ready to go out and Seize Power in a Torchlight Parade. Shouts about “Der Tag” is coming were our daily fare.

When I say Now or Never I do NOT mean “preparing for der Tag” or the imminent Day of Judgment.

PLEASE LISTEN: Now or Never means this is the time for you to do the IMPORTANT work.

Der Tag goes with the same kind of thinking that made the Weakest Generation proud of fighting a war that put one third of the human race under the Communists. They STILL call it a War for Freedom!

Hero or potato peeler, everybody, all Americans, in that war committed a horrible crime against humanity. But even a “der Tager” who wishes Hitler had won can’t understand that statement. To him, that generation fulfills his one ideal: They fought, they won, and they pounded their chests for seventy years at last count.

When I say Now or Never I mean now or never is when to do the IMPORTANT stuff. It is the exact OPPOSITE. Not one single genuine war hero has ever had the slightest effect on history.


That’s the axiom. The corollary to that axiom is that anyone who joined up for the torchlight parade had nothing to do with CAUSING it.

So please don’t black out on me. The time to do something that changes the world’s fate is NOT just before the March on Rome or the March on Rome or whatever the juveniles are screaming about.

BY the way, after Horatio made his Stand at the Bridge, Rome was conquered and burned.



Chained Books to Google

One can say there are two parts to understanding history, facts and logic.

In the Middle Ages, when a college at Cambridge would be particularly rich if it owned twenty books, each chained to the wall and with a full time Librarian to regulate access to them, Knowledge was everything.

Every person who had access to the chained books was aware that Aristotle had stated that men had more teeth than women. There was no correcting that. No matter what survey you took, you would be looking at men who had lost teeth or something.

I am NOT kidding about this.

I think it was Walter Pater who invented this “Renaissance” crap. The idea was that civilized Europe was a rebirth of civilized Rome, with those Dark Ages in between. Finally, his “modern” Europe had discovered Classical books and started using the opposable thumb and other things they hadn’t known about for a thousand years.

Actually, my vision is the exact opposite. Europe began a modern era when it ditched the horseshit of Galen and his bleeding and the ridiculous, outdated, dead end physics of “Form” and “Essence.”

This is very relevant today, because we have rocketed into an information revolution as profound as the whole difference between the chained book and twentieth-century public libraries. From chained books to public libraries in a period of eight hundred years, we have moved from public libraries to everything at your finger tip.

Facts are no longer rare. LOGIC is rare now.

We live in the Chained Book Age of LOGIC.

Mantra Thinking is the LOGIC.



Today’s Flower Children are Nasty Little Bastards, Too

Blacks paid to go on discussion shows love to point out that THEY didn’t read the book being discussed.

The only adverse review of my last book was by one person who said he hadn’t read it.

This is the attitude of a spoiled child. But the whole PC religion is based on the superiority of anti-whites.

I am old enough to remember that the prime characteristic of 1960s youth, the Flower Children, the Love Generation, was bad manners. Funny nobody mentions that.

The girl who wrote the best book I ever read about how to treat women wrote it then. She begged that the words “Thank you” and a smile be used on someone who is dating you. This definitely wasn’t aimed at Southerners. But it is description of the almost unimaginable nastiness that was part of the Love Generation.

I was just back from Africa, so I really tried to hold it in. But I was approaching the door to my apartment building and another guy was coming in so I let him go in first.

He not only didn’t thank me, he ignored me with a nasty look on his face, which was standard for the Love Generation. So I kicked him in the butt.

My doctor brother and I were in Cambridge to see Carleton Coon. In front of a Harvard building the students were all crossing without looking. They were the Morally Superior, and those driving cars had to break for them, and it was raining.

That was the other piece of satisfying revenge. Someone raised in the country in South Carolina can handle a car, so my brother, going about 35, knocked one of the snotty bastards with the edge of the car and he stumbled all the way to the other side.

Two ass kicks, but very satisfying.

Eric Hoffer mentions this rudeness. Hoffer did heavy work all his life, and he despised the presumption of “representing the Working class” by these rude little bastards. He pointed out that the attitude of those New Left types was exactly he same as that of the French aristocrats toward working people before the Revolution.

They were just plain nasty, and I doubt you will see this mentioned anywhere else.




Backbaygrouch gave me a lot of information on the Mayflower Compact. He sort of apologized because being wrong embarrasses real people.

Not me. What I said was actually what the majority of people, if they have ever heard of the Compact at all an remember it, have impressed on them. You would be astonished to learn how much solid fact I have gotten out of making a complete fool of myself.

The fact is that public opinion is based on such vague remembered impressions. I had actually heard that the Compact was written on board.

Remember that when I was coming up the Pilgrims were the FIRST. A documentary on American history endorsed by the National Education Association began with “…how a nation founded by Pilgrims in Massachusetts in 1620 became a world power.”

That makes the NEA look a lot more like an idiot than if I said the Mayflower was French.

I have rethought my article in the light of the facts as presented by BBG. In public opinion OF MY DAY, the Compact was looked upon as the first statement of principles in American history. Beyond that, there was no story.

They just presented the Compact.

You knew the Pilgrims first landed in English America.

The reasons for it, as put down by BBG, require a pretty advanced understanding of history. You would play hell trying to explain these details in your average college history course.

First and foremost, how would you explicate, as BBG did, that the Compact was written largely because the Pilgrims did not decide to go on to some OTHER settlement. As I said, my Harvard graduated Associate Director was absolutely astonished to discover that Jamestown was settled BEFORE Plymouth.

A couple of facts in exchange. The first Indian the Pilgrims encountered spoke English. Europeans had been fishing off those shores since the late Middle Ages, and he had dealt with them regularly.

Secondly, the shipment that John Smith described as “twenty niggurs” who arrived a year before the Founding Fathers of Plymouth were, as BBG guessed, indentured. It is almost impossible to get a straight story about how slavery evolved in Jamestown,.

Blacks were always slaves in Latin America and, oddly enough, in Plymouth.



Now or Never

When I say “hippie,” I mean the word the media has developed and is in common usage.

Several actual ex-hippies have stated flatly that they were the real thing and they were NOT mindless Leftists.

It’s too late, gang, just like it’s too late for the Weakest Generation. When Pat Buchanan was desperately trying to be a non-racist in the late seventies on Crossfire, he state flatly that the reason America fought World War II was to open up Europe to third world immigration!

Pat tells ME that one single WWII vet made a SINGLE objection to that statement.

All my life I have watched paper-hats wander up to the mike and say that their generation fought and died in The War so that America would not have any immigration restrictions or it would be against segregation, and never did one single old rotting hulk make the slightest objection.

Like future anti-whites, old hippies have mustered up the courage to object here on BUGS, which is more than the Weakest Generation ever did, but it’s too LATE.

You should have had some balls back THEN.

When the Occupy Wall Street movement got started, it was all over the internet that what the media had stated calling “young people” were over half middle-aged. When there was no internet, the hippies were all “youths.”

If I could trust you with warnings and count on you not to dribble away into “tribunals,” Torchlight Parades,” and all the rest of the mentally retarded crap, this could be a good warning:

If you keep your head down while the bullets are flying, don’t expect anyone to take into account what you REALLY thought and didn’t SAY.

Instead of being IN HERE bitching to ME, those few ex-hippie objectors should have been out there, saying it to THEM.