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The Occidental Observer Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites Are the Best of Them

I can say one important thing for the anti-Mantra pro-whites who spoke up at

They did not use the anti-white’s cowardly method of hiding behind their editorial positions to simply IGNORE the Mantra.

I can respect people, no matter how absurd I consider the arguments they come out with, who have the guts to come out and put those arguments on record, even anonymously. From fighting anti-whites all these decades, I recognize this back-stabbing method of stopping all mention of a subject, and I recognize it clearly among those who put their influence behind it in the pro-white movement.

On that freezing out crap, I am an expert. So give the frustrating anti-Mantra group at TOO credit.

A major reason I wrote the piece referring to the Occidental Observer was that, like anti-white material, it contains so much of what I tell you about that SOUNDS as if I am exaggerating wildly.

Anti-whites really ARE anti-white. Anti-Mantra pro-white arguments really are so vacuous it’s hard to overstate it.

There is no substitute for actually seeing them in action. But I defy any of the BUGSERS who got in there fighting back to deny that there is any way to describe what they say that does not sound like a careless exaggeration.

I wanted you to SEE it.

One difference between the pro-Mantra and anti-Mantra crowd that was so huge and obvious many people would have ignored it is how the BUGSERS kept talking about what they had DONE. The anti-Mantra pro-whites theorized about what would happen if they ever DID anything.

One ampw (anti-Mantra pro-white) thundered, “How do you KNOW that the Mantra works?”

The obvious answer is, “The way you know whether ANYTHING works. You TRY it.”

Everything they said has already become part of the basic training of everybody in BUGS.

The Royal Prosecutor declared that the other side COULD petition Japan to open its borders.

If he had ever looked at BUGS, he would know that their entire strategy, like that of most of his pro-white allies, is to DESPERATELY, mono maniacally IGNORE the Mantra. A petition like that would be a dream come true for us.

In a FOX interview, the INTERVIEWER mentioned that Japan does not allow the immigration demanded of white countries, and Jared Taylor immediately changed the subject.

I think reading over some of this discussion would be educational for most of us, not to teach us anything new, but to demonstrate that I am NOT exaggerating.

We can find plenty of anti-whites to demonstrate that I make no exaggerations, but this is the ONLY time the ampws have come out of hiding.