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The Mantra is Not a Program

Like so many BUGSERS, I have a hard time understanding what AMPWs –anti-mantra pro-whites — are so upset about. I think one answer may be that they believe that we are doing what they are doing, dictating a whole program and reformation of society.

That, after all, is what the entire movement has been trying to sell for generations: a complete ideology of which race is a subset.

They think we are contradicting them.

The last time I was asked to speak at any conference was last year in Sevierville, and I expect that is the last one I will ever be asked to speak at.

Before that the last time I was asked to speak was at a New Orleans Conference of the National Alliance in 2004. I had a simple message but I was faced with a roomful of books being sold, each of them having its own program.

I told them honestly that I wish every book there was a best-seller, but we had to get a bigger reading audience for it.

No matter how good a book is, you have to break the mentality that makes people put it down after looking at the title.

I have been furious all my life about what Jews were bragging about doing to my race, but I knew that that my anger at professors, Jews, Southern sellouts and all the rest was dead in the water as long as everything was couched in terms of Hitler’s Holocaust rather than in terms of the real, ongoing genocide all these groups planned for us.

That was my last speech at national pro-white conference.

As I said, after putting up with various attacks, including comparing me to HANNITY, which is as nasty as you can GET, the only AMPW discussion I have seen on the internet got around to moaning about how hopeless everything is because of persecution of our point of view.

But if they had DISCUSSED getting that censorship off our backs, they would have had to start with something exactly like the Mantra.

Others talked about books that should be read, or Jews who should be attacked. The other side is perfectly correct: They have to suppress us because otherwise it will not be only white people who can be insulted daily.

The real lesson of Nazism should be that if there is a Race Problem, there is only one Final Solution to it, whether that race be Jews or white gentiles.

They even tried to say that “Whitakerism is a Cult.”

What in the hell is “Whitakerism?” A cult answers all the questions their books do, it tells them about an ideal world from its economics to its hygiene to its ideas of pornography.

But if anyone bothered to READ BUGS Comments, they would find staunch Catholics, Bible Thumpers, atheists, and economics Theory is hardly mentioned.

But since they assume that their books have their own isms, they assumed there must be a Whitakerism.

I do not know how everything in society should be run. I DO know that if you are going to actually go into battle, you need to be careful about what your opening barrage is like.