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On commenter wanted to know why, since we expect to punish today’s anti-whites endlessly and keep minds on white genocide by paid informers,  “Can’t we threaten anti-whites that they will be punished?”

The coach, as diplomatic as ever, answers, “No, because you amateurs can’t handle it.”

As soon as we got to a discussion of how to handle today’s anti-whites and preserve our race, commenters began babbling about “against he wall!” and “tribunals” and all the other old Stormfront crap.

No matter how carefully I outlined the PERMANENCE of the paid informer program, commenters begin to drool about “tribunals” and “revenge.”

So, not until you are able to stop dribbling like this, wandering into the old worn paths of the losers before you, I can’t see ANY of this dribbling without recommending you stay off it til you can HANDLE it.

Dribbling is when somebody has completely beaten down the standard other side positions, and, finding themselves winning for once, immediately commence dribbling out into “the Jews.” or other standard stuff.

One guy changed the Mantra. He said that one of categories white countries were forced to allow to immigrate were “Jewish bankers.”

No, gang, I don’t want you experimenting with grown up stuff until you grow up some.