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Today’s Flower Children are Nasty Little Bastards, Too

Blacks paid to go on discussion shows love to point out that THEY didn’t read the book being discussed.

The only adverse review of my last book was by one person who said he hadn’t read it.

This is the attitude of a spoiled child. But the whole PC religion is based on the superiority of anti-whites.

I am old enough to remember that the prime characteristic of 1960s youth, the Flower Children, the Love Generation, was bad manners. Funny nobody mentions that.

The girl who wrote the best book I ever read about how to treat women wrote it then. She begged that the words “Thank you” and a smile be used on someone who is dating you. This definitely wasn’t aimed at Southerners. But it is description of the almost unimaginable nastiness that was part of the Love Generation.

I was just back from Africa, so I really tried to hold it in. But I was approaching the door to my apartment building and another guy was coming in so I let him go in first.

He not only didn’t thank me, he ignored me with a nasty look on his face, which was standard for the Love Generation. So I kicked him in the butt.

My doctor brother and I were in Cambridge to see Carleton Coon. In front of a Harvard building the students were all crossing without looking. They were the Morally Superior, and those driving cars had to break for them, and it was raining.

That was the other piece of satisfying revenge. Someone raised in the country in South Carolina can handle a car, so my brother, going about 35, knocked one of the snotty bastards with the edge of the car and he stumbled all the way to the other side.

Two ass kicks, but very satisfying.

Eric Hoffer mentions this rudeness. Hoffer did heavy work all his life, and he despised the presumption of “representing the Working class” by these rude little bastards. He pointed out that the attitude of those New Left types was exactly he same as that of the French aristocrats toward working people before the Revolution.

They were just plain nasty, and I doubt you will see this mentioned anywhere else.