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“American Wording” Has an Interesting Subtext

One or two commenters have remarked that the Mantra is too American. Both said that the term “respectable conservative” is an AMERICAN term.

The reality is much more interesting — and important — to us BUGSERS.

The term “respectable conservative” was entirely alien to political discussion until I started using it in Whitaker Online at the turn of the century! Hard rightists would refer to the Buckley types as cowards or ignorant, but putting them into a professional category, people who get paid to be a kept opposition, was introduced in my first book and never used again until I re-introduced the term “respectable conservative” and it got taken up around 2000.

Like “the melting pot”: translated into “multiculturalism,” almost every concept that Europe lives by is American. World War II is trying to become “The European Civil War.”

The Latins used to say anyone of any color was “French” regardless of their skin color if they were CULTURALLY French.

Until New York and Harvard and Hollywood explained to them that they had a multiculture.

I have never seen any other person mention this.

There are respectable conservatives in Europe doing exactly the same job respectable conservatives do in America.

The subtext is that there IS NO European political dialogue. It is ALL hand-me-down American. I have to use “respectable conservative” in Europe because Europe needs it.



The Loneliest Top

One commenter said, joking, “It’s lonely at the top, isn’t it, Bob?”

As usual, I smiled, but then I processed the SUBTEXT of that remark.

Strictly speaking, the LAST thing that a person at the top will be is LONELY. One of his major expenses is hiring people to keep people from reaching him. That led me to what a BUGS commenter would see as the Top.

I am at the top of the IDEA CHAIN. That is VERY lonely indeed.

It is SUCH a relief to finally see you doing what I have done through the years. You who are in there in the fight see things that by now you take for granted. On good example is commenters noticing the term “anti-white.” That is a DIRECT connection to US, but who but a BUGSER would know that?

Someone could say that the term “anti-white” was used regularly against Louis Farrakhan and other black separatists. But that is totally untrue.

You can read the old statements until your eyes drop out, and you will NEVER find any statement about someone being anti-white. In every single case, it was “Anti-White and Anti-Semitic,” and the reaction had nothing to do with the anti-white part.

Now even O’REILLY has had a clip with a black raving about how he hates ALL whites, without a mention of the Jewaholic’s Drug of Choice.

No one needs to EXPLAIN why it is important that Don Black referred to the SPLC as “Anti-whites claiming to be anti-racists.”

But you can imagine how impossible it has always been for me to explain how I could tell from the wording that it was MY logic the writer was using. What added to the difficulty was that I found that there was a complete inverse relationship between how my idea spread and its being connected with my name.

A LOT of my thinking comes from the fact that national columnists and their friends read or heard quotes from Whitaker Online and were given points for original thought. Derek Black said this outright when he told me up front that he had tried every way he could imagine to avoid the word “genocide.’

The point here is, Derek did not have to explain what he meant. You do not have to explain what you mean when you quote the exact phrase that can only have come from us.

This is why my entire concentration was on points and words that no one else considered novel. It is LOT different for Derek to tell me that or for you to quote “anti-white” than it would be if you were the ONLY person who worked with that connection.

I honestly believe that a major reason that the Space Telescope is up and the Soviet Union is down is due to a strategy I could not even explain to someone on the outside.

It was VERY lonely.

It is such a relief to have you here!



The Subtext of “I’m TIRED of Swarmers!”

I quoted White Dude’s report of an anti-white saying he was TIRED of us, meaning Swarmers.

You often see some mention of how TIRED anti-whites are of our message.

OK, Journeyman interrogator, what are they saying?

They are saying we are TEMPORARY.

As you move from journeyman to master, that subtext will jump out at you the way it does at me.

Step One is you have to SEE that they are referring to us as temporary. SECOND, you have to deduce, automatically, WHY they make this assumption.

I have explained that repeatedly here in articles some thoughts were off-subject. I have pointed out, over and over, that that there is a group that is ALLOWED to be “the other side” and get paid to do it. If they start to say something HURTS, it is terminated by a subtle process by which the establishment makes it clear that they will no longer tolerate this.

If it’s effective, they refer to what is hurting them as ‘ The old argument that…” Or they get rid of it by the “extremist” route:
Some William Buckley or Rich Lowry type gets the message, and earns his paycheck by declaring that idea/slogan/concept to be “extremist.”

These Mantra Whiners certainly have no idea of this process, but anti-whites are now whining to the Establishment to do this to the Mantra. They have no idea that we are actually getting around a process no one dares to mention, they just know that, when their side gets hit too hard by an argument, the argument vanishes

And they are demanding that a Rich Lowry (present NR editor) or some other Bill Buckley type make us disappear, and soon.

I have to explain the process to you.

That WORRIES me.

I NEED for YOU to connect these dots for YOURSELF.

White Dude was right, this complaint is a great sign for our effectiveness.

But there is always more to be learned through Mantra Thinking.



The Google Era Mistake

This is the way I understand it:

The Caribs, for whom the Caribbean is named, were residents of the islands where Columbus first landed.

As I came up, there were two established facts about the Caribs: 1) They were NOT cannibals, and 2) Caribs were dying in slavery, so a priest arranged the importation of black slaves.

You can look all this up in Google, but what will you have when you do?

The reason no one disputes any more that Caribs were cannibals has to do with the advance of science, among other things, you can analyze the doo and find out what people ate. The Caribs did have that word “long pig,” but “historians” declared that only the ignorant thought that was a word for human meat.

I could scour Google and still come up with information that is as false as my vaguest impressions.

I distinctly remember when Viking settlements in Canada and Indian cannibalism were absolutely MYTHS.

The fact is, it is debatable whether scrutiny of expert information on history is any less false than an old man’s remembrance of when and, above all, WHY some things were Absolute Facts in their day that are not repeated today.

If you become an uncritical part of the Google Age, you are as blind as the so-called scholars of the Age of Chained Books.

So what you get here is not Refined Google. What you get here is WHY certain things are “facts.”

The Global Warming Experts are STILL mystified by what a big scandal it was when their email revealed they were openly cooking information based on what they were ASSIGNED to prove. I understand their bafflement perfectly. They simply cannot believe that cooking information to suit grantees has not been a standard practice since the Popes took over the process a thousand years ago.

You have to BEGIN with something no one should understand as well as BUGSERS: What gets through is what someone WANTS through.

And as soon as someone catches onto what every single scholar who works on grant money has always known, he goes into his Conspiracy Phase.

This is not a Conspiracy, and someone who goes nuts on that score discredits everybody who tries the simple facts calmly. It is the same thing that Jewaholics do to the fact of white genocide.

Any BUGSER quickly learns that information comes through a filter.

That is exactly why the Mantra was so hard to develop and is so hard to get out.



White Dude Reports Sweet Revenge

White Dude reports:


“I came across somebody on Yahoo Answers complaining about the mantra being all over Youtube. This really MADE MY DAY! In addition to obviously fighting for Whites and our countries, it’s moments like this mantra posters live for. It’s so gratifying to know we are making a difference.

“Keep up the great work all!”

Yes, good work, but also some desperately needed REVENGE!

All of us have suffered all our lives from Political Correctness Sermons. You are really enjoying a book and suddenly the author introduces a black or a Jew and starts preaching at you the same stuff you have suffered through for years in school.

Some of us, being naturally courteous folks, worry about dropping the Mantra right into a page concerned with cod fishing or botany.

For me, this is delicious. All my life I have been enjoying a book or a movie when it suddenly became a Political Correctness tale about Evil White Men or the Evil South. I get a special kick out of it when you do exactly the same thing to THEM, they are on a page talking about botany when you throw the Mantra right into their faces.

Marxists, including all those who don’t know they are Marxists, insist that EVERYTHING if POLITICAL.

Let’s take ‘em up on that.